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Design assistance

Sign up for free design aids to understand the design elements, materials and surface finish of CNC parts.

Design Cube

One of the best ways to understand our CNC machining and die casting process is to explore with actual metal parts in your hands. This is why we created a design cube, which shows part features that are too thin or too thick, incorrect bosses, correct and incorrect ribs, and other precautions to be noted when designing injection molded parts.

* The shipment of design aids is strictly required in China. .

Metal processing

Our metalworking book introduces the digital manufacturing tools available to product designers and engineers today. Learn about various CNC machining and die-casting technologies, material selection, part design skills, and how digital manufacturing is used for commercial applications in almost every industry.

Material selector

These pocket-sized material selectors are quick reference guides to help you determine the right plastic and metal materials for your next project. It lists specific measurements about performance to ensure that you have the materials and processes that are most suitable for the part application.