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CYANBAT has more than ten years of experience in setting up factories, and has CNC processing, die-casting processing, quality inspection, surface treatment, and other processing techniques.
For many years, Greenbat Technology has served the military, aviation, medical, electronics and other industries; for the processing of magnesium alloy shells, structural parts, parts and accessories, we have many years of research and we have very rich processing experience.

CNC machining

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Die casting processing

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Surface treatment

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product quality

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Cooperation process with us

Choose from cost reduction and additive manufacturing technologies, including CNC machining and die-casting, surface treatment, and quality inspection. Our production capacity and automation capabilities allow us to produce customized prototypes and production parts within 1 day.

One-stop magnesium alloy product processing

Upload CAD files

First, just select a manufacturing process and upload a 3D CAD file.

We can accept the following file types:

> Sldprt file
> PrE file
> Igs file
> Stp file
> Sat file
> CAD file

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Die casting design analysis

Perform design analysis

Within a few hours, we will send you design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis and real-time pricing.

In addition to accurate pricing, our interactive quotation will also mark all difficult-to-manufacture features based on the manufacturing process you choose. It ranges from undercuts that are difficult to mold to deep holes in machined parts.

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CNC manufacturing and processing

Manufacturing begins

After checking the quotation and placing the order, we will start the manufacturing process. We also provide sorting options.

We provide various finishing options for all manufacturing services. These can range from powder coating, anodizing to basic assembly and threaded inserts.

> CNC Machining

> Die-casting processing

> Surface Treatment

> Quality Inspection

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Our digital manufacturing process allows us to produce parts within 1 day.

Parts have been shipped!

Our digital manufacturing process allows us to produce parts within 1 day.

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Free formability analysis within hours

Free formability analysis within hours


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