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Mg alloy CNC machining service

Prototypes and production parts can be processed as fast as 1 day

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ISO 9001:2015 | AS9100D | Military product quality certification

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Looking for a reliable and fast delivery supplier of machining magnesium alloy and metal parts? With hundreds of CNC machines, our in-house production capacity can ensure that your parts are delivered on time every time. At Greenbat Technology, our ISO9100-certified CNC machining equipment is designed for rapid prototyping and small batch production of end-use components.

CNC machining process

CNC milling

CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses 3-axis milling to 5-axis indexing milling processes to quickly cut metal blocks into final parts.

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CNC turning

CNC turning with movable tools combines the functions of a lathe and a milling machine, and can process parts with cylindrical features of metal bars.

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High-temperature PEEK material for CNC machining

Production CNC machining

Need to produce processed parts? For products with a quantity greater than 15, we provide competitive prices, as well as a first article inspection (FAI) report, material certification and other finishing options (such as magnesium alloy passivation and micro-arc oxidation).

Expanded the processing capacity of precision parts

Do high-demand parts have strict tolerances? It only takes 7 days to obtain precision parts processing with complete functions, including magnesium alloy passivation, micro-arc oxidation and golden conductivity. Certification? Fixed asset investment? no problem!

Turning options and guidelines

For machined parts, you can easily add thread features, including key and coil plug-ins. These can be specified in your interactive quote. After returning the quotation, the display will show the possible thread type for each function. It is possible to select different threads (if possible) or no threads on a function by function basis. .

Why choose green bat for CNC machining?

Digital manufacturing of green bats

Our automatic quotation and manufacturing system enables us to produce commercial-grade metal materials within a few days, mainly processing magnesium alloy products as the main processing material, suitable for military, aviation, medical, electronics and other industries.
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