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We firmly believe that establishing partnerships with like-minded organizations will help increase the visibility and adoption of manufacturing technologies in many different applications and industries . Learn how collaboration with industry and university leaders can help advance the future of CNC|Die Casting Manufacturing.

Help military industry build magnesium alloy notebook structural parts

The continuous progress of science and technology has changed the lives of human beings. At the same time as the development of science and technology, the development of materials is also getting faster and faster. From the widespread use of aluminum alloys, people's requirements for materials are getting higher and higher, especially the military industry. This product requires materials with versatility. Magnesium alloy is not only strong in rigidity, but also has the advantage of being lighter than aluminum alloy, so it is widely used in military products.
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CNC machining to meet the needs of medical parts

Although CNC automated processes have existed since the 1960s, many of the modern materials we use are cutting-edge-just like the revolutionary use of the components we produce. Our experience and expertise stand out because we have been CNC machining medical equipment for decades. When you place an order with Greenbat Technology, you will get the best combination of customer service and machining experts to modern facilities and timely work processes.

PolyOne and 3M custom-color matching

Aerospace magnesium alloy shell machining customization

Aerospace magnesium alloy shell machining is a new type of machining method, also called numerical control machining, or cutting cnc machining. The processed products have high precision and good size, while aviation parts are processed by magnesium alloy materials. , It can not only improve the performance of the aviation shell, but also reduce the weight during aviation flight, and the rigidity of magnesium alloy is stronger than that of composite materials and wood materials. It is an ideal material for aviation shell parts

CNc processing and manufacturing of communication electronic parts

Communication parts generally include a rack, in which there will be a mounting chute in the top of the rack, and there will be a slider in the chute, and then the slider is linked with the support plate, and the slider of the communication part It is made of magnesium alloy material, which not only has the performance of screen bi interference, but also has the rigidity of magnesium alloy. It can be well coordinated with the support plate. The parts of communication equipment are processed by CNC, which not only improves the quality of communication products, It can also reduce equipment damage.

Micro-arc oxidation on the surface of computer-reinforced magnesium alloy

The micro-arc oxidation film formation of magnesium alloy means that the magnesium alloy anode is processed in a low-temperature solution under the action of an applied voltage, and the electrochemical reaction between the computer parts and the processing solution is used, so that the computer A surface treatment technology in which an oxide film is formed on the surface of the part is also called magnesium alloy micro-arc oxidation. Magnesium alloy anodic oxidation not only changes the surface condition, but also changes the performance of the magnesium alloy surface, improves the corrosion resistance, enhances the wear resistance and rigidity, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the magnesium alloy metal surface


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