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Die-cast molding casing block

Die-casting small batch production

Use on-demand manufacturing tools to reduce part costs and create supply chain flexibility

We offer two die-casting service options-die-casting and casting-each option will provide its own advantages according to your project needs. If there are more parts, affordable parts prices are important, and rapid production throughout the product life cycle is essential, then our on-demand manufacturing option will be the ideal choice.


Make molds on demand

Precision magnesium alloy die casting

Magnesium alloy products

Mold price Higher than prototyping tools
Partial price Below prototyping tools
Cavity Single cavity and multiple cavity
Guaranteed mold life unlimited
Mold storage Idle for three years
Quality document Including molding process development report and basic inspection report; enhanced inspection report can be provided upon request
Additional functions
  • Aluminum mold
  • Standard delivery time is 15 days or less
  • Tolerance is +/- 0.005mm, plus magnesium alloy tolerance (mm)
  • Setup fee applies to each run

Why use on-demand manufacturing tools?

Greenbat Technology's on-demand manufacturing service can help you simplify your supply chain, so that you can get quality parts easier and faster. We use industry best practices such as scientific molding to speed up the manufacturing cycle to shorten your time to market. We meet your inventory needs, there is no minimum order quantity, and provide supply chain flexibility, ranging from bridge tools and just-in-time (JIT) production to production line emergencies.

Run in small batches

  • Before mass production, the part design, assembly process and market demand are verified through trial run.
  • Inventory overhead is managed through parts production only when demand is determined.
  • Used as the main production method for thousands of products sold annually.

Bridge tools

  • Implement cost-effective aluminum molds and then commit to using steel molds for capital expenditures.
  • Minimize the "waiting cost" of buying steel tools and bring them to the market faster.

injection molding warehouse storing multiple mold blocks

silicone rubber housed in injection mold blocks

Optimize the supply chain

  • When repairing large production tools, you can minimize downtime and reduce the risk of out-of-stock.
  • Reduce the risk of domestic and global transportation delays by providing reliable suppliers of small quantities of on-demand parts.
  • Manage the increase in demand fluctuations without delaying delivery.

reduce manufacturing cost

  • Unlock new market opportunities by cost-effectively producing low-volume end-use parts
  • Purchase parts on demand without any minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements
  • Reduce inventory costs and storage costs through on-demand procurement.

Data resources

Free formability analysis within a few hours

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