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Surface-electricity treatment guidelines

Our basic guidelines on electrical surface treatment include important design considerations to help improve part manufacturability, improve appearance, and reduce overall production time.


Maximum size

Normal resolution 80 cm x 60cm x 30cm
Normal resolution 800mm x 600mm x 300mm
Electrochemical machining of magnesium alloy surface


Layer thickness 0.01016 cm
Minimum feature size 0.0020 cm
Layer thickness 0.1016 mm
Minimum feature size 0.020 mm

For well-designed parts, the tolerance is +/- 0.30mm, plus +/- 0.002mm. Usually, every additional centimeter can reach (0.002mm/mm).
Please note that tolerances may vary according to the geometry of the part. .


Surface treatment

Standard Micro-arc oxidation removes all burrs and maintains a consistent overall texture. Then dye the parts to standard colors.
Secondary options include chemical elements that can be applied, as well as taps and inserts.


Compared with other additive manufacturing technologies based on chemical elements, the electrolysis technology we use and the machine can speed up the construction speed.

Compared with other surface treatment technologies, commercial-grade parts produced by electric surface treatment have enhanced surface finish and improved mechanical properties.

Electrolysis process of magnesium alloy surface treatment
Magnesium alloy power treatment process

Real-time quotation of magnesium alloy micro-arc oxidation

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