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applications engineer at selective laser sintering machine

Qingbat Technology Business Concept

Shenzhen Greenbat Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, dedicated to the processing, design and manufacturing of magnesium alloy products

Our business philosophy

Green Bat Concept

Sincere and Beautiful

  • We are guided by integrity to make magnesium alloys more exquisite

Market strategy concept

  • Where there is a military industry, there is the quality of a green bat

Management System Concept

  • Create a passionate plus for all employees

Our goals

  • Being a benchmark enterprise in the processing of magnesium alloy products


For many years, Greenbat Technology has served the military, medical, aviation, electronics and other industries. It has studied magnesium alloy shells, parts, structural parts, and accessories to solve various magnesium alloys.

silicone rubber housed in injection mold blocks

injection molding warehouse storing multiple mold blocks


Record number: Guangdong ICP No. 14004399 @cyanbat