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Learn how major industries use digital manufacturing to shorten development time, reduce production costs, and push products with better products at an unprecedented speed To the market.

Military industry

From the reinforcement of computers to the large-scale personalization of military products, digital manufacturing accelerates the development of the military industry through CNC machining and die-casting, and high-quality and high-precision machining requires production.

aerial drone icon representing the aerospace and defense industry that protolabs serves

Aviation field

From early prototyping and design verification to thermal testing and launch, our automated manufacturing services are often used for fully functional aerospace components.

smart phone icon representing consumer and computer electronics industry that protolabs serves

Medical field

From connected devices to large-scale personalization of medical products, digital manufacturing accelerates medical development through rapid prototyping, bridging tools, and small batch production.

Processing of housing parts in the electronics industry

Consumer Electronics Field

Support more SKUs and product customization that consumers now expect by manufacturing custom prototypes and end-use production parts on demand.

Other areas

While meeting the growing needs of social development, it is still possible to support traditional equipment and machinery by manufacturing customized parts on demand.

Reduce the weight of military product parts

Green Bat Technology focuses on lightweight materials, such as magnesium and aluminum, and plastic alternatives that can reduce the load. We will also discuss different design considerations to help reduce part weight and speed up the digital manufacturing process.
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Accelerate the time-to-market of medical products

Greenbat Technology explores the various digital manufacturing options available to medical design engineers and product developers today. From die-casting molding to CNC manufacturing and processing, explore the advantages and disadvantages of each process and the best material selection for your specific medical application.
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